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Reciprocity is the social aspect of learning where the learners are ready, willing and able to learn alone or with other people.

As part of the How2learn strategy characters have been created that represent each learning disposition or learning muscle.

The characters that represent reciprocity are Team Recipro.

Team Recipro is made up of Callabro, Empatica, Balencio and Replika.

Callabro is the guiding force of the team. He uses his strong arms to keep the group connected and on track. He recognises the power of harnessing individualabilities to work together.

Empatica is in touch with how other people feel, think and speak. She can see things through their eyes. She uses this understanding to determine her actions and bring wider perspective to the team.

Balencio balances the learning energy of the team. He knows that sometimes they need time to think and learn alone. He knows when it is time to learn together as a team.

Replika can use his power of limitation to learn new things quickly. He actively seizes opportunities to learn from and with others.

 The habits that make up reciprocity are:

  • collaboration
  • empathy and listening
  • interdependence
  • imitation.

Collaboration is the skill of learning with others. It is knowing how to manage yourself in the give and take of a collaborative venture, respecting and recognising other view points; adding to and drawing from the strength of teams.

Empathy and listening is getting inside others' minds. This means contributing to others' experiences by listening to them to understand what they are really saying, and putting yourself in their shoes.

Interdependence is balancing self-reliance and sociability. This involves knowing when it's appropriate to learn on your own or with others, and being able to stand your ground in a debate.

Imitation is picking up habits and values. This means constructively adopting methods, habits or values from other people whom you observe.