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Resilience is the emotional aspect of learning where learners are ready, willing and able to work through difficulties when the pressure mounts or the going gets tough.

It means you are managing your emotions and staying connected to the learning.

As part of the How2learn strategy characters have been created that represent each learning disposition or learning muscle focus.

The character for resilience is Rezilia.

Rezilia can handle herself when things are tough. She can ride the waves of life and can bounce back when things don't go as planned.

She is tough and resilient. She will persist to get the job done. She can filter the distractions around her and she keeps her eyes ever watchful for details she can use.

The habits that make up resilience are:

  • absorption
  • managing distractions
  • noticing
  • perseverance.


Absorption is being able to lose yourself in learning, you become absorbed and engrossed in what you are doing. Rapt and attentive, in a state of 'flow' so that you become unaware of time passing.

Managing distractions

Managing distractions involves recognising and reducing interruptions. You learn to be aware of possible sources of distraction and purposefully try to minimise these interruptions by knowing what conditions help you learn and settling back into learning quickly after an interruption.


Noticing is really sensing what is out there.You notice the details, how things look, what they are made of, how they behave or how things are the same or different.


Perseverance is 'stickability' and tolerating the feeling of learning. It means keeping going in the face of difficulties,  channelling the energy of frustration productively and realising what a slow and uncertain process learning often is.