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Resourcefulness is the thinking aspect of learning, where learners are ready willing and able to learn in different ways by choosing and using resources wisley and knowing what to do when you dont know what to do.

As part of the How2learn strategy characters have been created that represent each learning disposition or learning muscle focus.

The character for resourcefulness is Innovatrix.

Innovatrix uses her head and her heart to make reasonable and insightful choices. She capitalises on resources available to her to be clever and imaginative. She will ask the tricky questions about how to get things done and will constantly make links with what she already knows to guide her.

The habits that make up resourcefulness are:

  • questioning
  • making links
  • imagining
  • reasoning
  • capitalising.

Questioning means asking questions of yourself and others. It's about being curious and playful with ideas. It is delving beneath the surface of things to come up with your own conclusion.

Making Links involves seeing connections between experiences or ideas and means building patterns and weaving a web of understanding.

Imagining means using your imagination and intuition to put yourself through new experiences and to explore possibilities.

Reasoning is calling up your logical and rational skills to work things out methodically and rigorously; constructing good arguments and spotting the flaws in others.

Capitalising means drawing on the full range of resources from the wider world (other people, books, the Internet, past experiences, future opportunities, music, the environment) to aid learning.