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Responsibility is the community aspect of learning where learners are ready willing and able to be accountable for their individual and community's actions towards themselves, others and the environment.

It means you are thinking about how your actions impact on others around you.

As part of the How2learn strategy characters have been created that represent each learning disposition or learning muscle focus.

The character for responsibility is Ethicon.

Ethicon understands the importance of his actions and uses this to act responsibly in his world.

He is a deep, critical thinker who takes time to get all the facts.

He is open-minded and willing to explore new options.

 The habits that make up responsibility are:

  • accountability
  • open-mindedness
  • being connected
  • critical thinking.

Accountability means to own your own choices and actions and being aware of their effect on yourself, others and the environment.

Open-mindedness is being open and considerate when learning about other people and their opinions and actions.

Being connected means how you are connected to others and the environment and feeling a sense of belonging.

Critical thinking involves looking for good reasons and sound evidence to make fair decisions or believe something.