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Social skills

Good social skills are essential to have a successful life.

They enable us to know what to say, how to make good choices and how to behave in different situations.

 Social skills can influence your:

  • academic performance
  • behaviour
  • social and family relationships
  • involvement in extracurricular activities.

At The Bidgee School we have social skills lessons embeded into all our sessions and also run a specific social skills program.

The program delivers lessons on:

Beginning social skills                                                    

Starting a conversation, introducing yourself, introducing other people, giving a compliment.

Advanced social skills

 Joining in, giving instructions, following instructions, apologising.

Skills for dealing with feelings

Knowing your feelings, expressing your feelings, understanding the feelings of others, dealing with someone else's anger, expressing affection, dealing with fear.

Skill alternatives to aggression

Negotiating, using self-control, responding to teasing, avoiding trouble with others, keeping out of fights.

Skills for dealing with stress

Making a complaint, answering a complaint, dealing with embarrassment, dealing with being left out, responding to persuasion, responding to failure, dealing with contradictory messages, dealing with an accusation, getting ready for a difficult conversation, dealing with group pressure.

Planning skills

Deciding on something to do, deciding what caused a problem, gathering information.