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About our school

The Bidgee School is an educational setting providing specialist intervention for students impacted by complex trauma, abuse, neglect, family violence, autism and mental health conditions.

The Bidgee School provides intensive support that focuses on educational/academic outcomes, wellbeing and emotional regulation for students in Years K-10.

The Bidgee School staff utilise knowledge of trauma, and how it affects the brain-body system to develop innovative pedagogy that is responsive to the needs of our young people. By understanding and responding to the source of the behaviour, rather than how it is expressed, this intervention explicitly reshapes adaptive trauma-based behaviour.

The Bidgee School programs draw on current research of best broader educational pedagogy, trauma-informed practice, brain-based neurobiology, cognitive-behavioural psychology, mind-body integration, mindfulness, coaching, breathwork and explicit contemplative and experiential practices to reduce internal stress and build psychological resilience.

The Bidgee School provides intensive support that focuses on quality education, wellness development and emotional regulation. Across the setting, our learning community champion responsive and targeted neurological intervention to support our young people to thrive academically and in life.

Across our setting, our team utilise trauma informed strategies that reduce student anxiety and support greater attentive capacity. This propagates our students' capacity to learn and current data shows consistently high levels of engagement across all key learning areas.

Differentiated programs with a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy run alongside high expectations.

Learning about the brain, coaching in the transferrable dispositions of learning, social and emotional intervention and education, explicit learning in growth mindset and the neurobiology of trauma and healing support students to move beyond their history of educational and emotional inadequacy and experience deep connection to themselves, the school and each other.