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Outdoor Education

Students at The Bidgee School have been introduced to an Outdoor Education topic this term, with the majority relishing the challenge so far. In small groups students have taken on challenges of trying to squeeze a number of people onto a 'shrinking island', crossing a 'poison river' on pontoons and trying to create a human pyramid. The games are designed to allow students opportunity to critically think and strategize, before using their ideas to physically complete a set challenge. When things don't work out as planned they need to re-evaluate their plan and try again, building resilience skills in the process and trying again. Students are often placed in environments where there are a number of them in close proximity, which, while can be confronting, gives them opportunity to collaborate to achieve their common goal. There is one simple rule for Outdoor Education and that is Respect. Respect for yourself (always trying your best), others (treating others politely) and the learning environment. While the students are currently completing small school based initiative games, as they progress with their skills they will be taught navigation and camp skills which will allow them to progress to bigger and more difficult challenges, with the hope that within the next couple of months students will be participating in multi day adventures hiking, mountain biking or canoeing.