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On Friday the 30th October the whole school took a trip out to Borambola Fitness Camp. It was a really great day starting off with the students and staff showing us their Archery skills. Some even managed to get a few bullseyes.

Next we had a Kayaking session with of course quite a few of the students managing to fall in.

We were then treated to Hamburgers for lunch before we were put through our paces with a 2 and 1/2 Kilometre mud run. It started with us running through some obstacles before we had to jump into the creek and wade threw for about 100metres. Then crawl under the cargo net, then threw a rope tangle. run for a bit and then walk over some balance beams. We then had to move a tyre by either rolling it or pushing it for 20 metres. Pull ourselves with a rope threw a water puddle, then run around the bike track.

Once we finished some of the students and staff decided to do the course again.

We are all looking forward to going back later in the term.